Anti-Spoofing WBS

Facial anti-spoofing is the task of preventing false facial verification by using a photo, video, mask or a different substitute for an authorized person’s face. The training focuses on anti-spoofing for computer vision with study case on person’s face.



1. Understand Anti-spoofing
2. Implement Anti-spoofing models in programs


1. Having knowledge of basic machine learning
1. A computer with Windows, Linux or macOS
a.Processor i5/i7 or later
b.RAM 8 GB or later
2. Internet access

1. Introduction to Anti-Spoofing

2. Anti-Spoofing on Still Images (Photo)
2.1. Review methods
2.2. Implementation (Python)
2.3. Practices / Study Case

3. Introduction to Face Anti-Spoofing

4. Real Face vs Fake Face

5. Review methods

6. Implementation (Python)

7. Practices / Study Case

8. Introduction to Liveness Anti-Spoofing

9. Liveness Fake Face Detection: Study Case

10. Liveness Object Detection: Study Case

11. Review methods

12. Implementation (Python)

13. Practices

14. Case Study Organization