Microsoft Excel Advanced: InHouse Training-Jasa Raharja


Mulai:1 Sep ’23
Selesai:2 Sep ’23
Hari:Jumat – Sabtu
Pukul:09.00 – 17.00 WIB
Durasi:16 Hours
Biaya:Rp 7.900.000,-
Min. Peserta:6 Peserta
Confirm:21 Peserta
Terdaftar:– Peserta


1. Data Analysis

1.1. Quick Analysis Tools
1.2. Whatif Analysis
1.3. Forecasting & Trandline
1.4. Conditional Formating

2. Data Visualization

2.1 Database Concepts
2.2. Introducing the PivotTable
2.3. Customizing PivotTable
2.4. PivotChart and Slicers
2.5. Adding Location Intelligence with Power Map
2.6. Presenting Dashboard with PowerPoint

3. Data Preparation

3.1. Understanding the Internal Data Model
3.2. Introduction to a Power Pivot
3.3. Loading External Data into Power Pivot
3.4. Automating Tasks with Macros
3.5. Transform Data with Power Query
3.6. Improving Calculation Performance


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